Lars Løvold → Social Anthropologist

team member

Lars Løvold is Executive Director of Rainforest Foundation Norway (RFN), which supports projects in ten countries. Working closely with more than 100 local partners RFN advocates a rights-based approach to rainforest protection. They believe that the peoples, who for generations have developed their cultures and societies in balanced interaction with the highly complex yet vulnerable ecosystems of the rainforest, have fundamental rights to these areas.  Their experience in the Amazon has shown that the most effective way to protect the rainforest is by securing the territorial rights of its indigenous peoples. The Foundation campaigns to address the underlying causes of rainforest destruction, and change the policies and practices of both governments and private enterprises.

Lars is a social anthropologist who has lived among Amazonian Indians. His work has taken him to forest communities all over Brazil, and to those in Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and DRC. He brings great insight to the forest negotiations, and voices strong ethical views.