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2 Degrees: Armageddon in Our Hands

Former Greenpeace campaigner and local Byron filmmaker, Jeff Canin, conveys the stark reality of global warming and our political leaders’ hand-washing negligence in addressing this very real threat to humanity and the environment. Taking the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference as its platform, the documentary uncovers the staggering ignorance of the key players, those willing to stick their fingers in their ears and shout “la-la-la” as scientists and dignitaries from around the world express the desperate need to act now. Interviews convey the desperation of nations such as the Seychelles, only two metres above sea level and already seeing the impact of rising sea levels, the lengths to which activists will go to to make people listen and the exasperated frustration as superpowers delay, procrastinate and eventually turn their backs on the planet itself.

The difference between 2 Degrees (named after the global temperature rise after which irrevocable damage will be done) and other similar docos is that it searches for a solution. It isn’t a tale of doom and gloom with no real cure, it shows that, in South Australia for example, the locals, the you-and-I’s of the world can stand up, make a difference and overthrow the powers that be, fight and win for a healthy planet and create the only rational outcome that our brain dead, greed- and money-driven, criminally corrupt, political leaders fail to recognise.

Terrifying in its subject but with a powerful message of hope, 2 Degrees is a film everybody should watch for their own awareness.

Thomas Leitch
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Very moving and strong, both the movie and the screening event itself.

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An incredible movie, thank you! And GREAT job!

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Fantastic movie. Fantastic work.

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Am absolutely moved, inspired, blown away, and upset all in one. Thank you. It is amazing.

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Thank you for once again putting your heart and soul into something that changes peoples lives, you are a true change maker.

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Really enjoyed the film on Sunday – bold and confronting, but at the same time full of warmth and hope.

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Awesome film, thank you for taking 5 years out of your life to produce it.

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Amazing movie. Well done Ange and team, I was proud to be there and felt very emotional watching. It’s a must see movie for everyone.

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It was a very moving and informative film, with so much to take in. It is a film that I would go back and see again to pick up gems that I missed the first time. So many pearls of wisdom, and wonderful people.

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An amazing film, well done. Ended up in tears. Reshuffles the priorities.

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My feeling last night was that you have been a part of something really important, that there is no knowing just how grateful people are and will be for the wake up call, and how far out the ripples will flow. It touched both the heart and the head. You moved this being, thank you very much.